Frequently Asked Questions - Q42


How will this proposed city charter amendment affect the economically disadvantaged?


The economically disadvantaged have a huge stake in passing this proposed amendment. By better controlling the City’s increasing demand for additional revenues, the amendment will help the economically disadvantaged in many ways. The economically disadvantaged pay, the same as anyone else (sometimes proportionately more), for increases in the city’s revenues. Even if they rent, they pay for the increased property taxes passed on to the renter by the landlord. The economically disadvantaged also will suffer from other increased rates, whether water and sewer, sales taxes, traffic fines and forfeitures, or the proposed drainage fee. The escalating revenues of the city discourage business expansion and location in Houston, thereby decreasing job opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. The fiscal discipline forced on the City by this amendment should also help ensure the continued viability of City services vital to the economically disadvantaged, such as health and library services.

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